ASTURMADI RENEERGY technical team has more than 10 years of experience in designing and manufacturing metal structures. More than 1.2GW of solar projects in 20 countries have been developed during this period.


Using informatic programs along with the technical team experience, RENEERGY has the ability to obtain the optimum structural solution for each project. The structures are designed and calculated based on different calculation regulations depending on the location of the country of each project (European standards, American Regulations ASCE-7 y AISI S100-07, Mexican Normative CFE-2008, Japanese normative JIS C8955, Chilean Normative NCH432, etc). During the design phase, particular conditions of each project are taken into account, always seeking for the ease and speed of assembly during the execution of the work.


The structures designed by ASTURMADI RENEERGY are manufactured with steel as raw material, selecting different steel quality depending on the requirements of each project. The structures are cold formed profiles manufactured according to UNE-EN 10162 and UNE-EN 1090 to reach the maximum precision in the products. To guarantee the maximum durability for the structures, both profiles and screws are coated according to Hot Dip Galvanized normative UNE-EN ISO 1461 and for Zinc-Magnesium coatings according to UNE-EN 10346. Strict controls have been performed during the Hot Dip Galvanized treatment which guarantee the quality and acceptance in the different countries where the structure will be installed (UNE EN ISO 1461, ASTM 123, NMX-H-004-SCFI-2008, JIS H 8641, etc.)


ASTURMADI RENEERGY also offers support to its clients in the search of the solution of an optimal foundation for each photovoltaic project, either through study and analysis of the Geotechnical Information or by means of accomplishing a Driven Tests in the parcel.
The final result of this work takes shape in a General Plane where the typology of foundations for each zone of the work is defined.

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Designs calculates and manufactures its own structures for the industrial and energy sector, specifically the photovoltaic branch.


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